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When the U.S. government passed the UIGEA in 2006, people’s opinions separate. The same situation was with the United States. Least one state, the government was not satisfied with the bill introduced and did not hurry to implement in life, whereas in the other State, the Government took the opposite position. Take for example Kentucky. As a matter of fact, Kentucky was the first state that started to act against online casinos.

In 2008, the governor of Kentucky to take some serious and seized 141 domain names in the state. It was a shocking event for everyone, as in these areas were rather famous online casinos. There were names under iMEGA and the IGC, including Microgaming. Moreover, since the time that Microgaming had to stop its operations in the territory of the country because of the situation of the legality of his work. Thousands of players have lost an opportunity to play their famous casino games online.

So far, there are no decisions on the field entering names the same. It seems that everything will return to its starting point. But now another suit added. It covers payments, and it is said that these online casino operators who were working illegally in Kentucky state must pay income. Among them, there are Full Tilt Poker Party Gaming and Microgaming. Now, the suit went to court and the trial began. Such a situation arises depending on the status of the state that had never been used before.

Why does Kentucky behave like this? This is a question that bothers many people today. If you want to get some explanations, you are prompted to do so. We tried to shed light on the situation for you. You can find the article by following the link


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